EMF and Massage

Lately in the office and at home EMFs have been a big topic. How are they affecting us? What about our clients who work in high voltage environments?

Years ago I order an EMF detector to help me find wires and see just how much EMFs were a part of my life. My findings were that the detector could pick up an electromagnetic field about three feet high on the entire first floor of the house. Soon after during an add on construction project an electrician discovered that the main breaker box had never been grounded. After the house was grounded I noticed improvements in my wellbeing. The improvements were in the areas most commonly reported to be associated with EMF toxicity.

I began using a device I had bought several years back in 2005 to help keep myself protected. I began to use this device very methodically to see if the EMFs could become embedded or static inside tense muscles. My findings though undocumented are quite interesting. I have become aware of the most common places http://www.secretweddingsongs.com/mother-son-dance/ treatment seems to have a result. I say result because a change in the muscle tonicity is noted that is very similar if not parallel to relaxation affects.

I will begin mild documentation soon, August 2015, so the need for volunteers is becoming important.

Please visit my website and contact if interesting in a few weeks of relaxing services scheduled for your convenience.

Divine Massage and Sauna

Thank you

Joey Ward LMT, CNMT, MTI


One thought on “EMF and Massage

  1. Today I have tested my office and am again finding large amounts of EMF in my environment. Mainly in my office this time, the readings on my detector were high, to maxed during the test. Further investigation is needed… Feeling positive


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