Brain Evidence based Massage

Recently I have been working on a very relaxing massage for the scalp. A general relaxation to the point where within only a few minutes my clients are more than half asleep in my hands is the consistent outcome. This is a huge benefit for the client who has trouble relaxing or shutting off after work or for the weekend/day.

The results have been so dramatic I decided to take a trip to Galveston to get my brainwaves monitored before and after a session. The results were measurable, extremely evident and the potential for predictability was presented. This was wonderful and made my heart sing!

Now with the potential to develop deeper understanding in my new ability to help my clients achieve greater and deeper relaxation, Island Brainworks owner Terry posed to me a challenge. Said this evidence is merely circumstantial unless I can get atleast five other volunteers to get the Therapy, preferably five that do not practice meditation.

Commitment from a few 3-5 people already and working on establishing a date for testing. More importantly this year my objective was to spend time developing an extremely evident technique for skin Softening. The good thing here is that this relaxation method(Mind Chill) has softened my scalp to the point I have not had itchy scalp 🙂 this is what gets me excited.

Will hopefully be following up with data soon.

In the meantime if you are interested in natural relaxation that is easier than meditation or interested in Optimal Brainwave function please contact

Book Online

Or contact Terry and Joanna


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